Multi-Factor Evaluator

This Multi-Factor Evaluator is a decision model that helps people compare alternative actions on multiple decision factors using a numeric scale. Enter the Input data, then click Calculate. The results are then displayed. Use this decision support tool to test different sets of weights and scores and to see results change. See help.

 AlternativesScores Totals

Alternatives - a brief 25 character description of each alternative available to a decision maker must be entered. At least 2 alternatives must be entered.

Factors - attributes of alternatives or evaluation criteria used to evaluate alternatives. Enter a 10 character label. At least 2 factors must be entered.

Scores - a numeric assessment of how well an alternative meets each identified factor. Scores can range from 0 to 100. Each alternative must be scored on each identified factor. The default value is 0.

Weights - a numeric assessment of the importance of each identified factor. Each weight should be a number from 1 to 10. Weights are automatically standardized so the sum of the weights equals 10. The default weight is zero and factors with weight equal 0 are not used in calculations.

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