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Ch. 1
Supporting Business Decision-Making

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      Audit Questions

    1. Does your firm actively manage decision-relevant information?
    2. Has your firm implemented any computerized systems to support decision-making?
    3. Are you using any Decision Support Systems? If so, from what category?
    4. Questions for Review

    5. What is the MIS concept? How is it related to DSS?
    6. What are the major characteristics of a DSS?
    7. How does a Transaction Processing System differ from a Decision Support System?
    8. What are the categories of DSS included in the proposed DSS framework?
    9. What components are common to the design and implementation of computerized Decision Support Systems?
    10. What were the two main streams of research that led to the evolution and development of Decision Support Systems?
    11. Questions for Further Thought

    12. Do managers need the support provided by DSS?
    13. Is it realistic to use technology to support decision-making?
    14. Do managers want to use decision support tools?
    15. What experiences have you had using Decision Support Systems? What was a good experience? What is an example of a bad experience?
    16. Internet Exercises

    17. Find an example of a Decision Support System at a Web site. Use the DSS Framework and classify the DSS.
    18. Search for the term DSS using 2 Web search engines.
    19. Visit the Web sites of Information Week (, Internet Week ( and CIO ( and search for articles on key terms from this chapter like DSS, and MIS.


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