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Ch. 10
Building Knowledge-Driven DSS and Mining Data

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Audit Questions

  1. Has your company implemented any Knowledge-Driven DSS or business expert systems?
  2. Have you used a data mining tool for analysis of business data?
  3. Does the IS/IT group have any expert system or data mining development projects underway?

Questions for Review

  1. What is a rule?
  2. What is the "telephone test"?
  3. What are 5 characteristics Knowledge-Driven DSS?
  4. How should we develop a Knowledge-Driven DSS?
  5. What are the two ways an inference engine can manipulate results?
  6. What are the general steps in data mining?
  7. What are the common categories of data mining tools?
  8. What are the major components of a Knowledge-Driven DSS?

Questions for Further Thought

  1. Why do managers need the support provided by Knowledge-Driven DSS?
  2. How does a Knowledge-Driven DSS differ from data mining?
  3. What benefits are there for deploying a Knowledge-Driven DSS on the World-Wide Web?

Internet Exercises

  1. Find an example of a Knowledge-Driven DSS at a Web site. Most applications can be deployed on the Internet. The sites listed below have some KDSS examples that can be viewed on the Web. -- Developed and maintained by MultiLogic, this site demonstrates the use of a graphical interface available with MultiLogic software. Elaws -- The Department of Labor has developed an interactive compliance assistance tool using MultiLogic's software. Elaws is comprised of individual advisors designed to help users understand their rights as employees and employers. OSHA Confined Spaces Advisor. -- OSHA used MultiLogic's software to create their Confined Space Advisor. This expert system provides guidance to help employers protect workers from the hazards of entry into permit-required confined areas.

  1. Software developers use expert system shells to create expert systems and Knowledge-Driven DSS. Most shells are commercial software packages, but some shells are available as shareware or freeware. Find an expert system shell at a Web site.


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