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Ch. 11
Building Web-Based and Inter-Organizational Decision Support Systems

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Audit Questions

  1. Does your firm have an Intranet? An Extranet?
  2. Has your firm deployed any Web-Based DSS?
  3. What group is responsible for Web technologies? MIS? Public Relations?
  4. What are your firmís plans for Web-Based DSS?
  5. Have you used any Web-Based DSS?

Questions for Review

  1. What are definitions of key terms? What is a Web-Based DSS?
  2. What is an example of a Web-Based DSS?
  3. What is a Common Gateway Interface script? What is JavaScript?
  4. What factors have lead to the increase in Inter-Organizational systems?
  5. What issues should managers consider when deciding if their company should build a Web-Based DSS?
  6. What benefits does a Web-Based DSS provide a company?
  7. What is an inter-organizational DSS?
  8. What are the potential problems with Web-Based DSS?

Questions for Further Discussion

  1. What vendors have the "best" Web-Based DSS products?
  2. What are the effects of an Inter-Organizational DSS on consumers?
  3. What problem(s) are companies trying to solve by implementing an Intranet?
  4. How can Web-Based DSS and an Intranet be used to assist in organization and management tasks?
  5. What role should managers play in developing Web-Based DSS?
  6. Should managers be "content" providers for Web-Based DSS?
  7. How do Web-Based DSS extend "information reach" and "information range"?


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