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Ch. 11
Building Web-Based and Inter-Organizational Decision Support Systems

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SimScope: An Inter-Organizational, Web-Based DSS

Artesyn Technologies ( has a series of virtual design tools intended to provide both existing and prospective customers of its power supply products with pre-sales technical support.

Figure 11.8 - Screen Shot of SimScope

SimScope is the first simulation tool in Artesyn's Virtual PowerLab strategy. SimScope was developed to provide design engineers with a substantially higher level of technical support than was previously available. A number of observers believe that by offering a convenient tool configured for Artesyn's power supply products the company is increasing the likelihood of gaining and retaining customers.

Web-Based design tools presents several issues that must be evaluated by power supply vendors, customers and design engineers. For example, Web-Based simulation tools can influence a power supply vendor's costs of acquiring customers and providing technical support, and the tools can differentiate a vendor's products, giving the company a competitive advantage. Products such as SimScope may also increase the efficiency of OEM product testing during the design stage.

Industry observers expect that the development of Web-Based test simulations will prompt power supply vendors to reevaluate their existing customer-based sales and marketing strategies.


  1. Who is the target user of SimScope?
  2. What type of Web-Based DSS is SimScope?
  3. Can Web-Based DSS provide Artesyn a competitive advantage?


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