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Ch. 12
Evaluating Decision Support Systems Projects

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Qualitative Benefits Scenario Approach

Paul Schoemaker (1995), in "Scenario Planning: A Tool for Strategic Thinking.", discusses a related qualitative tool for evaluating information systems projects. This analysis tool helps executives in imagining possible futures. Scenario planning is not "day dreaming", but rather, a rigorous process for assessing and preparing for the future. The steps include:

  1. Identifying basic trends and uncertainties
  2. Constructing scenario themes
  3. Conducting quantitative research
  4. Developing decision scenarios
  5. Envisioning the DSS Project implemented
  6. Describing the use of the proposed DSS
  7. Discussing benefits that result from the new Decision Support System
  8. Checking the scenario for consistency and plausibility
  9. Discussing risks and uncertainties
  10. Estimating the upper and lower bounds on costs and development schedule

A quantitative analysis is part of the scenario approach, but the decision does not narrowly focus on a Cost-Benefit Analysis.


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