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Ch. 4
Designing and Developing Decision Support Systems

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Audit Questions

  1. Does your company have any current DSS projects? If so, what tools and software are being used?
  2. Is your company using rapid prototyping to develop DSS?
  3. Is there appropriate user involvement in DSS projects?
  4. Does your company use a structured systems development process that includes (1) initiation and diagnosis, (2) acquisition (build or buy), and (3) introduction of the new system?

Questions for Review

  1. What is rapid prototyping? What is SDLC? What is end-user DSS development?
  2. What are alternative design and development steps? Does one process seem to work better for Enterprise-Wide DSS and another for one-time or ad hoc DSS?
  3. Who participates in a DSS project?
  4. What is involved in managing a DSS project?

Questions for Discussion

  1. Should DSS be built in-house or purchased off-the-shelf?
  2. Who should design and develop DSS? Is this an IS department task? Do we need a design team?
  3. How much data should be collected during the diagnosis step? Who should collect it? Is a consultant needed?

Internet Exercise

Conduct a search for the terms SDLC, systems development, prototyping, RAD, JAD, end-user development. Prepare a list of Web links for one of these topics.



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