Brio Unveils Initiative To Maximize Business Performance Across the Enterprise

Company Announces New Vision, Applications, Partnerships and Service

LAS VEGAS, NV, Brio Worldwide User Conference, October 15, 2001 -- Brio Software (Nasdaq: BRIO), a leading provider of next-generation business intelligence solutions that help Global 3000 companies achieve breakthrough business performance, today announced a detailed strategy and product roadmap focused on extending the value of business intelligence. The new performance initiative will provide customers with a powerful suite of business performance tools and applications that align organization-wide objectives with resources across the enterprise. To reflect the new initiative, the company has introduced a new corporate logo and has changed its name from Brio Technology, Inc™ to Brio Software, Inc™.

As more organizations deploy a variety of applications to streamline relationships both inside the enterprise and outside the firewall, they are faced with an ever-increasing amount of raw data captured from ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), SCM (supply chain management) and e-commerce systems. Brio's business performance initiative is designed to extend the value from these systems, by helping companies get a complete, unified view of information that improves business processes and informs rather than inundates users.

"Brio is focused on improving cross-functional business performance problems for its enterprise customers," stated Craig Brennan, Brio president and CEO. "We are uniquely suited to drive an organization's business performance through our business intelligence strengths and our product's ability to access virtually every enterprise information source."

New Applications and Partnerships
To deliver on this initiative, Brio has announced its plans to introduce the successor to its Brio Impact product, the Brio Performance Builder™ . The Brio Performance Builder will serve as the foundation for a complete set of next-generation business performance applications, called Brio Performance Applications™. Brio Performance Builder will provide a platform for deploying applications that provide actionable insight that can be measured against a clear set of key performance indicators, enabling a company to align objectives with resources, across the organization, to improve business performance.

"As an early adopter of this technology, we've been working closely with Brio to enhance our use of Brio Performance Builder and applications at the HP Business Store Website," stated Anthony McMahon, general manager North America e-business, Hewlett Packard. "Brio's applications provide unmatched visibility coupled with key business performance metrics, that enable us to measure our success and drive both revenue growth and operational performance. We see this capability as critical to any organization needing to deliver superior business performance."

By combining Brio's history of delivering powerful business intelligence tools with a clear set of key performance indicators, Brio Performance Builder is uniquely positioned to deliver the next generation of business intelligence applications to help customers maximize value from their future and existing information systems investments.

"When providing organizations with business intelligence applications, it is important to ensure they are accessible and applicable to the needs of every user," stated David Folger, vice president, META Group. "Business intelligence platforms should be considered a strategic component of an enterprise's infrastructure rather than a set of tactical tools."

Scheduled to be available in spring 2002, Brio Performance Builder will complement Brio's existing products, leverage technology and domain-specific partnerships, and point to the company's future vision of delivering a complete business performance platform along with specific business performance applications. When combined with the professional service offerings of Brio partners, Brio's platform and applications can be delivered as a complete solution for an enterprise customer.

In a separate announcement today (see announcement: Brio Software Introduces Solutions Program To Speed Deployment of Business Performance Solutions), Brio introduced a new partnership program designed to deliver complete business performance solutions to its customers. The Brio Solutions Program is part of the company's strategy to work with leading third-party vendors in the development and deployment of comprehensive business performance solutions for its customers. The program commenced with a partnership with QIQ Solutions, a provider of development and management tools for business intelligence software deployments. Working with QIQ Solutions, Brio will market and sell Executive Suite from QIQ Solutions™, an easy-to-use solution for rapidly deploying analytical application information packages, also known as personalized performance dashboards. Brio sees the use of personalized performance dashboards as critical to enabling broader enterprise usage of business intelligence software.

"Over the past six-months I've met with more than 1,000 of our world-class customers and partners," stated Craig Brennan, Brio president and CEO. "They have expressed a commitment to our business performance initiative that will serve as the foundation of our strategy to deliver breakthrough business performance across every level of the enterprise."

New Brio FastTrack Performance Services Deliver Rapid ROI
To help its customers reap the benefits of Brio's tools and applications, the company has introduced a packaged set of consulting services called Brio FastTrack™ Performance Services. These services are focused on helping customers quickly deploy and manage Brio software and applications and are specifically designed to reduce adoption risk and deliver immediate ROI. Brio consultants and certified partners will work with customers to install, configure and administer Brio software and applications.

Brio FastTrack Performance Services utilize a hands-on approach designed to both mentor customers and create production-ready deliverables in areas including installation and administration, personalized performance dashboard development, and report and portal development. Brio FastTrack Performance Services offer the customer a working solution, typically in less than 10 days.

To further reflect the new product direction, Brio has changed the naming structure of its existing product suite of tools and applications. The product suite BrioONE™, comprised of Brio.Enterprise™, Brio.Portal™ and Brio.Report™, has been renamed the Brio Performance Suite™, consisting of Brio Intelligence™, Brio Portal™, and Brio Reports™.

Brio has also introduced a new logo that reflects the business performance concept and is launching a focused advertising and marketing campaign to raise the company's visibility and educate the market on its extended vision.

About Brio Software
Brio Software is a leading provider of next-generation business intelligence solutions that help Global 3000 companies achieve breakthrough business performance. Widely recognized as one of the easiest-to-use and deploy solutions in the industry, the Brio Performance Suite™ expands business intelligence beyond advanced query and analysis technologies to include powerful information delivery through enterprise-class reporting and personalized performance dashboards. Used by nearly 70 percent of the Fortune 100, Brio products empower individuals, workgroups and executives in an organization to turn enterprise information into actionable insight, so superior decisions and business performance result. Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Brio products and services can be found around the globe at

Brio Intelligence, Brio Portal, Brio Reports, Brio Performance Suite and Brio Performance Applications are trademarks of Brio Software.

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