Decisioneering Announces the Release of Crystal Ball®

Multimedia Training CD

Denver, CO, October 31, 2001 -- Decisioneering, Inc., developer of the award-winning Crystal Ball 2000 line of decision analysis tools, has announced the release of "Risk Analysis Using Crystal Ball," a multimedia training CD designed to teach professionals the fundamentals of spreadsheet risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. This comprehensive, interactive course guides Crystal Ball users from introductory concepts in risk analysis theory to advanced modeling techniques.

Developed in cooperation with Dr. John M. Charnes, professor at the University of Kansas School of Business, "Risk Analysis Using Crystal Ball" combines the material presented in Dr. Charnes' university-level risk analysis courses and Decisioneering's regional Crystal Ball training courses.

Dr. Charnes developed this course to help individuals and novices overcome their apprehensions about risk analysis. "Risk analysis is a tool that most people find intuitively appealing," he explained, "but many people are uneasy with risk analysis because it relies on probability and statistics. I developed this course based on the hundreds of hours I have spent in the classroom teaching risk analysis, and I have covered the most common questions and concerns that I know students have. I hope that this course will quickly help professionals apply Crystal Ball to make more effective decisions."

The modular course design lets students of all levels of experience move easily and at their own pace through the units and exercises. Each of the 16 lesson units contains clear objectives and summaries, step-by-step instructions, audio software tips, periodic tests and exercises, and a video introduction from Dr. Charnes. The materials are intended for a general audience, with over 23 unique examples and exercises drawn from a variety of industries and applications.

A Microsoft Excel add-in, Crystal Ball automates the cumbersome "what-if" process using Monte Carlo simulation and presents the results in an easy-to-understand graphic display. Its forecasting and sensitivity analysis combined with a full graphical interface make it easy for any spreadsheet user to isolate the key facts and figures needed to understand the risks and uncertainties associated with their spreadsheet models.

Charles Von Thun, Decisioneering’s CEO, believes that the training CD will dramatically improve how people learn risk analysis and Crystal Ball. "More than ever before, today’s tough business climate demands that companies and individuals understand the probability of success or failure," said Von Thun. "With this self-guided training CD, anyone, anywhere can cost-effectively learn and apply Crystal Ball to make better informed decisions."

"Risk Analysis Using Crystal Ball" is now available through direct channels and select distributors. Pricing starts at $295.00. Individuals who purchase this training CD with Crystal Ball 2000 will receive a $100 discount off of the CD price.

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Contact: David Fredericks

VP of Marketing

Decisioneering, Inc.