New Solution Offers Personal Productivity with Enterprise Benefits

BELMONT, CALIF. (Monday, October 29, 2001) – Entopia, Inc.™, a software company developing innovative solutions to improve personal and organizational productivity, today unveiled Quantum 1.3, a new enterprise software solution that enables users to generate corporate intellectual capital as a natural by-product of everyday work processes. Currently being exhibited at KM World 2001 (www.kmworld.com), October 29 through November 1 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif., Quantum 1.3 increases both individual and corporate productivity by capturing the valuable information required to help executives make better business decisions.

"Entopia's software is different from other knowledge management solutions because it emphasizes personal productivity as a means to engaging users and developing corporate intellectual capital," said Lionel Baraban, president and CEO of Entopia. "We offer a better way to collect, organize and share information and locate expert resources, so users within enterprise organizations can minimize duplication of effort, make better and faster decisions, shorten product cycles and improve profitability."

Working in synergy with other enterprise applications and business processes, Quantum 1.3 offers a full-cycle knowledge creation and sharing solution that empowers individual workers with easy-to-use tools and services to effectively gather, manage and utilize corporate information. Leveraging the intuitive nature of a local Windows client or a standard Web browser, Quantum 1.3 takes a unique approach to knowledge management and increases end-user participation by providing the organizational benefits as a by-product of personal productivity. The result is that users within financial, pharmaceutical, consultancies, petrochemical, defense, eLearning and other information-intensive sectors are able to locate and utilize mission-critical intellectual capital for better and faster decision-making.

"First-generation approaches to KM discouraged end user participation by requiring a significant, proactive investment of time and energy in order to contribute to the knowledge base. Quantum addresses this challenge head-on, effectively guaranteeing adoption by presenting itself to users as an efficient and user-friendly tool for information management and personal productivity," said Charles Luce, Delphi Group. "Exploiting this widespread participation with automated and semantically intelligent knowledge capture and indexing, the suite promises to greatly improve access to actionable knowledge and expert resources."

Quantum 1.3 is built upon a three-tiered product architecture organized around modules called Collect, Collaborate and Capitalize. Quantum Collect's personal productivity features help users gather, organize and enrich information from almost any digital source, while Quantum Collaborate's workgroup-oriented features enable users to easily share information and collaborate with each other and their workgroups. Quantum Capitalize benefits the entire enterprise by leveraging the intellectual capital in decisions and actions that directly impact the bottom line. Quantum's Knowledge Locator finds content, experts and sources of information through dynamic profiling and intelligent aggregation.

Some specific features that distinguish Quantum 1.3 software include:

Quantum Collect:

  • One-click File collect- collect any kind of files, or selected parts from any digital content, including the Web
  • Semantic representation - automatically record data about any doc, ppt, pdf, xls, html, e-mail or txt file based on semantic interpretation
  • Powerful Viewer - organize and view collected documents directly and efficiently
  • Auto-summary - obtain automatic and comprehensive summary of any text document
  • Smart Classify - get recommendations on suitable folders in which to store files

Quantum Collaborate:

  • Server-based private or shared folders - determine the appropriate level of privacy needed for the enterprise organization
  • Access control rights - manage access rights directly and choose between four levels of access
  • Threaded discussions, shared text or voice notes, shared highlighting and linking - discuss document and collaborate across a group or enterpriseQuantum Capitalize:

Quantum Capitalize:

Advanced Knowledge Locator searches for documents, experts and sources by locating documents and parts of documents; locating experts using the dynamic profiling system; and locating the best source of information through intelligent aggregation.

  • Express Knowledge Locator - conduct immediate searches with powerful results
  • Locate Related - highlight text in any document to find semantically related content, experts and sources of information


Quantum 1.3 is available today. For more information, contact Entopia at: 1-866-ENTOPIA.

About Entopia

Entopia, Inc. develops next-generation software to improve organizational productivity for a wide range of information-intensive enterprise organizations. With its new Quantum 1.3 software, Entopia empowers individual workers with tools and services to share information and facilitate business processes through "Collect, Collaborate and Capitalize" technology features. A Microsoft Certified Partner and member of the Oracle Partner Program, the privately held Entopia is backed by global media and communications powerhouse Vivendi Universal. Headquarters for the company, a former "Corporate Newcomer of the Year" finalist by the Software & Information Industry Association's 2001 Codie Awards, are in Silicon Valley, Calif., with research and development offices in Beer Sheva, Israel. For more information, visit www.entopia.com.


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