Stratify Launches Flagship Product Platform

Stratify Discovery System Allows Enterprises To Transform Massive Amounts Of Unstructured Data Into Strategic Advantage

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – October 30, 2001 – Stratify, Inc. (formerly PurpleYogi, Inc.), the emerging leader in unstructured data management, announced today the launch of its flagship family of enterprise software solutions—the Stratify Discovery System™ and the Stratify Classification Server™. An end-to-end enterprise software solution, the Stratify platform allows companies to leverage and manage their vast amount of corporate information more intelligently. The Stratify software platform transforms unstructured corporate data—both internal and external—into relevant and immediately accessible information by automatically organizing millions of documents and displaying them in an easy-to-navigate hierarchy.

The Stratify software platform automates the process of organizing, classifying and presenting unstructured text-based information, and can be easily embedded into existing corporate applications, such as enterprise search engines, corporate portals, news aggregation services, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, sales force automation (SFA) software, and content and document management systems.

Madan Sheina, principal analyst for business intelligence technologies at ComputerWire, states, “There are several key aspects about Stratify's technology that make it significantly better than a lot of companies out there attempting to build similar solutions. The company's software takes automated classification to a higher plateau by efficiently organizing unstructured information into a consistently structured enterprise hierarchy so it can be accessed, managed, retrieved and reused in an easy manner. In a nutshell, Stratify does for unstructured data what Oracle does for structured data,” said Sheina.

The Stratify Discovery System
The Stratify Discovery System software automatically organizes, classifies, and presents document-based information. It collects this business-critical information from a variety of sources, automatically organizes it into a hierarchy of topics tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise, and presents it to users within an easy-to-navigate interface.

The Stratify Discovery System can either import an existing topic hierarchy or use patented clustering techniques to organize documents into a new, customized hierarchy. Once a hierarchy is in place, it collects texts within documents of common formats (HTML, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and plain text) from designated sources, including corporate repositories, intranets, and external Web sites, and classifies these documents into the hierarchy using a combination of statistical, keyword and rule-based classification technologies. Using the resulting classifications, the Discovery System delivers relevant documents to users by matching them to the documents they read or write and to personalized profiles based on their habits. By doing so, the Discovery System gives them easy access to the information they need to make important business decisions.

The Stratify Classification Server
The Stratify Classification Server allows software application developers or service providers to build products that automatically organize and classify unstructured, text-based information. Its leading-edge classification technology integrates easily within a range of applications, expanding their functionality, saving development time, and getting new products to market faster.

This flexible, modular classification engine uses the same core technology as the Stratify Discovery System to enhance the performance of applications such as search engines, document and content management systems, corporate portals, and CRM and ERP applications, as well as news syndication services.

Sheina lists Stratify's five key differentiators as follows:

  • Integration of multiple classification techniques – Any given solution that relies on a single classification technique will fail to classify all documents with consistent accuracy as every technique has its own strengths and weaknesses. Statistical classification techniques, for example, excel at detecting the general subject matter ('Unix operating systems') of documents, while rule-based technology is better at discriminating between concepts at finer levels of detail ('Sun Solaris'). Stratify automatically draws the best principles from each approach based on the content being processed, delivering a classification system that combines multiple techniques in order to transcend the limitations of any single technique. The Stratify Discovery System employs keywords and statistical and rule-based classifiers, as well as other proprietary techniques. By classifying a document in multiple ways and then comparing the results, these systems can achieve greater relevancy, accuracy and consistency.
  • Flexibility and transparency of core functionality – Stratify offers an intuitive product that is easy to use and configure. The Stratify Discovery System differs from other black box technologies because technicians can modify queries to suit specific applications. The Stratify Discovery System is designed to allow customers to modify its operation, directing how concepts are generated, how concepts are organized or related and how these relationships should change over time. Such flexibility and transparency are especially important for partner development, making it easy for them to know what is going on inside the product and tweak the functionality to satisfy customers that require customized offerings.
  • Personalization – Stratify supports customized profiles for each user. This means that the system behaves very differently for each user depending on his or her implicit and explicit preferences.
  • Automatic hierarchy creation and maintenance – A fourth benefit comes from the system tools that automatically create and allow maintenance of the information hierarchy, or in database terms, the schema or organization of tables and columns. Stratify can automatically create a custom hierarchy or modify its off-the-shelf reference hierarchy to get customers up and running sooner.
  • A 'platform' approach that enhances existing enterprise systems – The Stratify Classification Server allows the easy integration of unstructured information into existing systems. The Stratify Classification Server output in XML provides a flexible means for data exchange with a number of key enterprise applications and services including: document management systems, enterprise portals, content management systems, search engines, lead generation tools, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. Providing a consistent infrastructure to better organize and display unstructured content breathes additional value into these systems and improves their overall return on investment (ROI). Stratify's component-based architecture easily lends itself to third-party integration and development.

Availability and Pricing
The Stratify Discovery System and the Stratify Classification Server are available now. Pricing starts at $50,000.

Stratify, Inc. (Formerly PurpleYogi) – Discover More™
Stratify is the emerging leader in unstructured data management software. The Stratify Discovery System is a complete enterprise software platform that helps companies harness today's vast amount of corporate information by automating the process of organizing, classifying and presenting the business-critical, unstructured information that is usually found in documents, presentations and Web pages. By structuring previously difficult-to-organize information, Stratify software technology increases the value of existing corporate applications such as enterprise search engines, corporate portals, news aggregation services, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, sales force automation software (SFA), and content and document management systems.

Founded in September 1999, Stratify is a privately held company that has received funding from SOFTBANK Venture Capital, Intel Capital, Hambrecht & Quist (AP) and Skyblaze Ventures LLC. The Stratify management team is comprised of senior executives from industry leading corporations, including Intel, i2 Technologies, Netscape and Oracle. Named as one of The Red Herring 100 for 2001, Stratify is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information about Stratify, please visit


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