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Roadmap HeatWaveTM Forecasting Model

Artificial Intelligence Allows Global 1000 Companies to Analyze and Predict the Impact of Weather on Sales

Beverly, Mass., September 4, 2001 Roadmap Technologies today announced the release of Roadmap HeatWaveTM. Roadmap HeatWaveTM is an expert system that allows business executives to analyze and predict the effects of weather on sales volume. Heat waves, unseasonably cold weather, heavy rain and blizzards have an enormous impact on the economy. Electricity usage, energy demand, crop supplies and retail sales all depend on the weather.

Roadmap HeatWaveTM uses AI (artificial intelligence) techniques to analyze the effects of weather, holidays, weekends and seasonality on business activity. The forecasting model can be combined with current weather forecasts to produce daily and hourly volume forecasts. The Roadmap HeatWave™ model can be used for simulation of alternative weather scenarios (e.g. hot vs. cool summers) and contingency planning.

"With climatic changes such as Global Warming and the increased frequency of extreme weather events such as El Nino, companies need to ensure that they can succeed regardless of environmental factors, said Dr. Rudolph Pizzano, president of Roadmap Technologies. "With Roadmap HeatWaveTM, executives can adapt volume forecasts to changing weather predictions in real-time."

Roadmap HeatWave™ is a configurable solution that can be tailored quickly to each company's industry and sensitivity to weather. Roadmap HeatWave™ is applicable to all industries, but is targeted towards those with the highest sensitivity to changing weather conditions; electric utilities, energy, tourism, transportation, retailing and healthcare.

Roadmap HeatWaveTM can be licensed on a project basis or by a perpetual license.

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