DSS Vendor Cases

The Data Warehousing Institute (URL http://www.dw-institute.com/) has case studies prepared by "users" of a specific Data-Driven DSS on-line. IBM has DSS user testimonials at their web site. Also, a number of DSS software companies provide case studies of successful DSS implementation at their websites. Microstrategy case studies include Xerox - Inventory/Manufacturing; Mervyn's - Retail; Siemens - Healthcare; Detroit Edison - Utility; Rhone-Poulenc Rorer - Pharmaceutical; US Air Force - Government/Military; FourGen - Financial Services. Also Comshare has more than 40 short case studies, Tandem/Compaq has customer references on-line, and Information Advantage/Sterling Software has customer successes 3M, Dollar Rent A Car on-line.

The following case summaries provide a brief glimpse of the DSS case study material available on the web. Some of the case study material on the web is very detailed (including quotations from managers in companies that installed the DSS), other cases are very brief.

According to a detailed Microstrategy case study, The Base Closure and Analysis DSS (BCA DSS) provides the U.S. Air Force with a robust methodology and common framework for analyzing the impact of various base closure scenarios. A multi-layer, hierarchical filtering process is used to evaluate the relative impact of closing each base. Bases which pose minimum strategic, operational, social, and economic impact are placed at the top of the closure recommendation list. At any step, base closing committee members can review DSS-developed impact analyses to assist in determining which bases should proceed to the next level of analysis. Using the DSS, the BCEG members can perform analyses using the eight main criteria and 212 sub-criteria on which all bases are evaluated. These criteria, specified by DOD, focus on elements that impact operational effectiveness, including such items as alternate airfield availability, weather data, and facility infrastructure capacity.

The Decision Maker's Workbench (DMW) case study is excellent. DMW was developed jointly by Mervyn's Department Stores and Microstrategy. DMW has been widely distributed throughout the Mervyn's organization to enhance the decision-making capacity of end-users at all levels . The DMW allows for trend analyses and performance analyses as well as inventory stock analyses. DMW supposedly helps Mervyn's realize its strategic aim of securing a competitive advantage through timely decision-making.