DSS Project Evaluator

This Web-Based, Model-Driven DSS can help evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI) for a specific DSS project. Enter values under Assumptions and Estimates and then click Calculate. The results are then displayed. Use this decision support tool to test different sets of assumptions and to see results change.

Assumptions and Estimates
What is the cost of developing the new DSS? $
What is the annual operating cost? $
What are the anticipated total direct benefits per year? $
What are the anticipated total indirect benefits per year? $
How many users of the DSS?
What is the discount rate? %
Cost per user (Year 1): $ Total Cost
(5 years):
Total Benefit
(5 years):
$ LT Return: $
Benefit/Cost Ratio: Payback: years

Benefit/Cost Ratio -- When benefits equal costs the ratio is 1. Projects with ratios greater than one have benefits that exceed costs.

LT Return -- Long term return for the project is future benefits minus costs discounted to the present time.

Payback -- The payback calculation estimates how many years are needed for benefits to exceed costs of developing and operating the proposed DSS.

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