Decision Support Systems Quiz - Chapter 1

The DSS Quiz is scored using JavaScript.

Question #1: What were the two main streams of research that led to the evolution and development of the concept of Decision Support Systems?

    A). Theoretical studies of organizational decisionmaking and technical work on interactive computer systems.
    B). Theoretical studies of organizational behavior and technical work on relational data bases.
    C). Empirical studies of graphical displays and technical work on artificial intelligence.

Question #2: What should be a major characteristic of a DSS?

    A). Automates decision making.
    B). Includes a spreadsheet model.
    C). Responds quickly to the changing needs of decision makers.

Question #3: In which of Steven Alter's categories of DSS would you place data warehouses?

    A). Analysis Information systems.
    B). Accounting and financial models.
    C). Data analysis systems.
    D). Suggestion models.

Question #4: What would one conclude after visiting DSS-related sites on the World-Wide Web?

    A). There is limited support for DSS researchers and practitioners on the World-Wide Web.
    B). The Web is where the DSS research and development action is occurring.
    C). The quality and value of DSS-related Web sites is outstanding.

Question #5: What is a data warehouse?

    A). A database application that searches for hidden patterns in a data base.
    B). A database designed to support decision making in organizations. It is batch updated and structured for rapid on-line queries and managerial summaries.
    C). An interactive computer based system which helps decision makers utilize data and models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.

Question #6: What general type of DSS would iinclude file drawer systems, data warehouses, on-line analytical processing (OLAP) systems, and Executive Information Systems?

    A). Communications-Driven DSS
    B). Data-Driven DSS
    C). Document-Driven DSS
    D). Knowledge-Driven DSS

Question #7: What type of computerized system recordes current information and emphasizes data integrity and consistency?

    A). Data Analysis System.
    B). File Drawer System
    C). Transaction Processing System

Question #8: What is the most important component of a Decision Support System?

    A). Architecture and network design.
    B). Database.
    C). Mathematical models and analytical tools.
    D). User interface.

Question #9: Which of the following web sites provides organized information on a wide variety of Decision Support Systems topics?

    A). http://DSSResources.COM

Question #10: What category of software technology enables analysts, managers and executives to gain insight into data through fast, consistent, interactive access to a wide variety of possible views of information that has been transformed from raw data to reflect the real dimensionality of the enterprise as understood by the user.

    A). Data Warehouse software.
    B). On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) software.
    C). On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP) software.