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Decision Support Systems Hyperbook

by D. J. Power

    Chapters with links

  1. Supporting Business Decision-Making. HTML files.
  2. Gaining Competitive Advantage with DSS. HTML files.
  3. Analyzing Business Decision Processes. HTML files.
  4. Designing and Developing Decision Support Systems. HTML files.
  5. Designing and Evaluating DSS User Interfaces. HTML files.
  6. Understanding DSS Architecture, Networking, and Security Issues. HTML files.
  7. Building Data-Driven DSS. HTML files
  8. Implementing Communications-Driven and Group DSS. HTML files.
  9. Building Model-Driven DSS. HTML files. 10/04/00, PDF file
  10. Building Knowledge-Driven DSS and Mining Data. HTML files. 10/30/00 PDF file
  11. Building Web-Based and Inter-Organizational DSS. HTML files. 11/13/00 PDF file
  12. Evaluating Decision Support Systems Projects. HTML files. 12/16/00 PDF file
    DSS Glossary. HTML files Print-enabled PDF file

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