Decision Support Systems Related News - October 2000

October 2000

10/31/2000 DM Review Top 10 business intelligence vendors will be announced by live Webcast on November 17, 2000. See release excerpt.

10/31/2000 Polycom ViaVideo for Desktop and Laptop PCs improves productivity and teamwork. See press release.

10/31/2000 ParkStone selects IBM to deliver hand-held system to physicians nationwide. See press release.

10/30/2000 Jim and David Matheson, authors of "The Smart Organization", are forming a new decision support company called SmartOrg. Inc. See press release.

10/27/2000 Microsoft’s network was hacked and intruders may have stolen code for software. See Wall Street Journal story.

10/27/2000 A telework website, offers on-line demos of its virtual office management products. See release.

10/26/2000 AlphaBlox announced a Web-based, non-client/server spreadsheet that connects to live corporate data sources. See release.

10/25/2000 Informix Software announces Red Brick Decision Server 6.1; its new features pave the way for improved decision support. See release.

10/24/2000 Peregrine Systems expands knowledge management capability in next-generation employee self service suite. Check the release.

10/24/2000 Virtual Gold provides with statistical facts mined from World Series game data. Check the release.

10/23/2000 ClearForest announced ClearSight, a Web-based Application Service that uses semantic, rules-based technology to read and analyze text. Check the release.

10/23/2000 AccuSoft announced the new version of its innovative web-based document management solution - NetVue 3.1. Check the release.

10/23/2000 John Galt Solutions, Inc. introduced the ForecastX Engine, a comprehensive Web-based package designed to manage and automate the demand planning and forecasting processes. Check the release.

10/20/2000 Hummingbird announced EIP 4, the next generation enterprise information portal. Check the release for new features.

10/19/2000 Oracle E-Business Network has a new lesson on building a portal. See release.

10/19/2000 Medical Services Research Group chose Computer Associates's Jasmineii eBusiness platform to design and implement an Internet-enabled National Health Services Information Resource. See release.

10/18/2000 MIS Training Institute and Information Security Institute announced plans for InfoSec World 2001 in Orlando, Feb. 26-28, 2001. See release.

10/17/2000 Zaplet, Inc. raised $90 million. Zaplets enable people to assemble, communicate, and collaborate independent of time, location and platform. See release.

10/17/2000 SAS reported new IBM eServer pSeries 680 demonstrated significant performance gains on e-intelligence and decision-support solutions. See release.

10/16/2000 Actuate announced e.Reporting Suite 5 supports Java and LDAP, adds analysis capabilities and delivers interactive and actionable content to 100,000s of users. See release.

10/13/2000 IBM and Environmental Systems Research Institute announced a strategic alliance to serve the marketplace for Geographical Information Systems. See release.

10/12/2000 Best Buy is using MicroStrategy’s Intelligent E-Business Platform for business intelligence and eCRM applications. See release.

10/11/2000 Theoretics announced strategic licensing agreements for its Telemark fixed income/derivatives risk management system. See release.

10/10/2000 Energy companies that adopt risk management tools and techniques are better prepared to cope with market challenges. See release.

10/09/2000 SPSS Server 10.1 for Solaris enables users to analyze massive data sets. The first version of SPSS distributed analysis architecture for UNIX servers is now available. See SPSS release.

10/06/2000 'Transforming Information into Opportunity' is theme of ShowCase's User Conference, COMPASS 2000, Oct. 8-11,2000, Orlando, Fla.. See release.

10/05/2000 Enron plans to provide computers, broadband access to employees for use at home. See release.

10/05/2000 MathSoft Data Analysis Division introduced S-PLUS® 6 for UNIX/Linux. Major upgrade includes Java-based Graphical User Interface and connectivity. See release.

10/04/2000 NCR funded study predicts total market for terabyte-sized data warehouse systems should reach 3,200 by 2002. Visit NCR.

10/03/2000 CACI forms strategic alliance with Maximal to offer Data Visualization and Analysis Tool. See CACI release.

10/02/2000 LeapSource unveils CxO Desktop Interface. Executives can monitor key business indicators, receive financial updates via laptop or Palm VII. See release.