Core Integration Offers Help for Key Areas of Data Warehousing

Firm Takes Unusual Approach By Offering Packages To Solve Problems at Any Stage of Building a Data Warehouse

DENVER, CO Aug. 5, 2002 - Core Integration Partners, Inc., a leading provider of data warehouse analytics and integration services, today announced an innovative package of services that will provide targeted analysis and project improvements at any of the key stages of a data warehouse project.

"This is a new area, but one for which there is a lot of demand. There are many projects that get tied up at critical points. We have designed one- and two-week interventions with very specific deliverables to undo the knots," said Lynn Leadley, senior director of delivery services for Core Integration. She added: "Even if an organization has an in-house team or hires a team to implement the data warehouse, they could run into stumbling blocks that require specific expertise. We can get in fast, solve their problems fast, and they can be on their way, preventing any impacts to their timelines."

Core Integration's experts, who have many years of hands-on experience in data integration, are now ready to also respond at any point during construction of a data warehouse - before, during or after - with speedy assessments, remedies and the staff training needed to sustain the enhancements. Some of the key offerings by the Core Integration experts include:

* Performance and Tuning Assessment, a full, fast method for understanding the entire system and major performance bottlenecks, resulting in recommendations on optimizing performance.

* Business Justification, a complete ROI analysis showing a detailed description of the system's financial and intangible benefits, which can be an effective means to enhance appreciation of the project by executive management.

* Project Management Tune-up, an assessment of the full data management project and allows clients to get a project on track and ensure a high probability of meeting the production schedule and budget.

* Business Requirements Gathering, supplies the tools and techniques to optimize time spent gathering information from the business community. The service also provides templates to help define and prioritize user requirements.

* Architecture assessment, provides a complete assessment of each stage of the delivery system and a final overall assessment, gives recommendations for tuning or improving the architecture.

* Meta Data Quick Start, helps companies automate and distribute the "data about data" that is so critical to end-users. The service also includes a long-term plan for a company's meta data strategy.

* Data Profiling, produces reports and statistics allowing an accurate scope and focus on source data quality and integrity.

The Core Integration consultants also will provide trouble-shooting and solutions in the areas of data model optimization, which solves major scalability issues; project charter to help scope a project and get commitment from executive management; process metrics planning for those who suspect their system is not as robust as it should be; operating level agreement, which supplies techniques and templates to help a company's production/operations group and its IT group work effectively; and impact analysis for software upgrades.

About Core Integration Partners, Inc.

Core Integration Partners, Inc. is a project-based, full-service provider of software and consulting solutions for data warehousing and business intelligence to Fortune 1000 companies. Core Integration's solutions incorporate highly experienced teams of consultants and the company's proprietary The Matrix Methodology(tm) for data warehousing and data movement that is the first methodology of its type to conform to SEI specifications and provides a consistent, repeatable process for building data warehouses across any industry. The patent-pending Data Vault(tm) technology is at the heart of The Matrix and uses a revolutionary way of modeling and architecting data. Core is also a top reseller of industry-leading reporting and analytic tools. Core Integration Partners, Inc., founded in 1999, is based in Denver. For more information, visit the company Web site at

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