DataJungle Software Extends Cognos Business Intelligence through Cognos Web Services

DataJungle Software Enables Customers to Deploy Customized Applications Leveraging Their Cognos Business Intelligence Infrastructure

OTTAWA, CA Aug. 19, 2002 -- DataJungle today announced the immediate availability of DataJungle Reporter Components, the first reporting solution to support Cognos Web Services-an integration platform for extending Cognos Series 7 business intelligence through XML and SOAP. DataJungle Reporter Components are modules of functionality that are assembled into customizable reporting solutions that meet the specific requirements of customers both in terms of functionality and presentation. With the release of Cognos Web Services, DataJungle can integrate with Cognos business intelligence to provide solutions that are unmatched in flexibility, functionality, and impact.

"With DataJungle software, Cognos customers can deploy reporting applications that can be extended and customized in virtually any way they require," said Denes Bartakovich, president of DataJungle. "Cognos Web Services is a very clean and comprehensive implementation. DataJungle's reporting components can now integrate fully and seamlessly with Cognos business intelligence software."

DataJungle software components address requirements requested by business intelligence users.

Examples include:

-- Providing interactive tables, charts, and maps, in one integrated solution.

-- Deploying multiple back-end data sets and servers (e.g. query, analysis) in a single end-user application.

-- Customizing the interface.

-- Showing multiple reports in one screen.

-- Dragging and dropping report building capabilities.

-- Rendering new, advanced chart types.

-- Formatting of reports and inclusion of business rules such as exception highlighting.

"DataJungle and Cognos are working together to provide highly customized reporting solutions to joint customers. DataJungle represents a new class of business partner for Cognos Web Services, which will help customers extract even more value from their Cognos business intelligence software," said Don Campbell, vice-president, product innovation and technology, Cognos.

DataJungle applications are delivered in a standard browser as a Macromedia Flash application. Macromedia Flash Player is the leading rich client for Internet content and applications across the broadest range of platforms and devices. The delivery of rich Internet applications using Macromedia Flash enables DataJungle to create dynamic, and interactive reporting solutions that ultimately translate into more usable, engaging, and valuable solutions.

"DataJungle's applications, leveraging Cognos' leading business intelligence capabilities and Macromedia MX products, take business intelligence to a new level in terms of the user experience," said David Mendels, chief strategy officer, Macromedia. "By integrating our product line with Cognos' business intelligence platform, partners like DataJungle can deploy robust solutions built using open standards like XML."

DataJungle Reporter running on top of Cognos Business Intelligence through Cognos Web Services

About DataJungle

DataJungle delivers reporting software that allows users to extract more value from their business intelligence software. Leveraging XML and Web services, DataJungle software enables users to extend functionality, integrate with applications, enhance interactivity, and customize the interface in virtually any way they require. DataJungle's customers and partners include some leading organizations-including The Nasdaq Stock Market, Cap Gemini, General Motors, R.L. Polk, Cognos, and Macromedia.


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