Intergraph’s New and Improved GeoMedia WebMap 5.0
Now Available for Web Mapping Needs

Web-based visualization tools provide capabilities
for maximizing valuable geospatial data

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Aug. 26, 2002 - Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions today announced availability of GeoMedia® WebMap 5.0 with enhancements that include improved display, performance, and spatial analysis. GeoMedia WebMap is a Web-based map visualization solution that offers real-time links to geographic information systems (GIS) data warehouses for exploiting an organization’s valuable geospatial data when it is needed. Based on proven GeoMedia technology, GeoMedia WebMap offers an efficient way to maximize the distribution of essential enterprise information by making it available on the Internet or an intranet. GeoMedia Web mapping technology provides a way to spatially enable geospatial infrastructure management systems and distribute the data over the Web.

GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.0 (formerly GeoMedia WebEnterprise) includes all the Web-based map visualization capabilities of GeoMedia WebMap and allows users to manipulate and analyze important geospatial data enterprisewide. Available in mid-September, GeoMedia WebMap Professional enables creation of custom Web mapping applications that include new capabilities such as dynamic segmentation and linear analysis. GIS, IT, and mapping professionals can effectively manage their infrastructure with Web tools that are open, flexible, and scalable.

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“The CADGIS Research Laboratory manages an array of complex datasets that must satisfy a diverse and widely dispersed audience of researchers, application developers, and end users,” said Farrell W. Jones, associate director, LSU CADGIS Research Laboratory. “As we moved to take advantage of emerging Internet technologies, we discovered we needed an intuitive, Web-based development platform for rapid project implementation. GeoMedia WebMap provides that platform and more.”

Key highlights and capabilities of GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.0 include:

  • JMapView – Included in GeoMedia WebMap 5.0, this Java applet provides an alternative client-side vector map display technology that can be used in place of requiring a download of a large control or plug-in. The Java applet gives customers such as the military a more secure viewing environment, which can be critical to homeland security infrastructure management.
  • OGC WMS – GeoMedia WebMap, based on the standard initiatives of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC), delivers an adapter kit that easily builds an OGC Web map server (WMS) site. Creating a WMS is a standard way of sharing mapping data with other departments, agencies, or the world.
  • Display and performance enhancements – GeoMedia WebMap’s smartmap presentation tools have improved with enhanced rich text, multicolor symbols, and raster transparency. A new vector generalization function ensures that maps are created to the client map scale. This avoids wasting valuable Web bandwidth and time waiting for a map with unnecessary details.
  • Additional spatial analysis capabilities – GeoMedia WebMap’s spatial analysis pipes provide improved buffer zoning capabilities, the ability to merge features based on common attributes and spatial adjacency, and the ability to calculate geometric expressions and measurements. All this happens over the Web for clients with no more software than a simple Web browser.
  • Dynamic segmentation and linear analysis – GeoMedia WebMap Professional enables quick and easy dynamic segmentation and linear analysis over the Web. The enhanced dynamic segmentation is a powerful tool for analyzing tabular data referenced to linear features on a map. This capability ensures visualization of an organization’s asset inventory more clearly than by simply reviewing columns of data.
  • GeoMedia WebMap Professional Analyst – Delivered with GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.0, WebMap Professional Analyst is a configurable, ready-to-run application that provides query, view, and analysis capability through a Web browser.

“We continue to push the envelope to deliver powerful, open Web mapping solutions that provide optimum value to our customers,” said Roger Harwell, Web mapping products manager, Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions. “These products enable someone who is not a GIS expert to query geospatial and business data and quickly receive an answer in map form. With GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Professional, a broad range of users can exploit critical infrastructure data with intuitive and easy-to-use capabilities to view maps directly in a standard Web browser.”

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