Legend Announces Debut Launch of Supercomputer

(Hong Kong, August 29, 2002) - Legend Group Limited ("Legend") (stock code: 992) today announced the launch of a self-developed high performance computer - "Legend Deepcomp 1800 large-scale computer system" ("Legend Supercomputer") in Beijing. This is the first computer in China to reach a computing speed of 1000 GFLOPS (Giga Floating Operations Per Second), the fastest computer ever developed in the country.

Senior PRC Government officials attending the media conference held in Beijing for the debut of Legend Supercomputer included Mr. Zhou Guangzhao, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, Mr. Lu Yongxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Xie Xuren, Vice Minister of State Economic and Trade Commission, Mr. Gou Zhongwen, Vice Minister of Ministry of Information Industry, Mr. Shi Dinghuan, Chief Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.

Yang Yuanqing, President and CEO of Legend said, "Legend is the first Chinese enterprise that commercialize supercomputers. The successful development of Legend Supercomputer will end the monopoly of foreign computer products in China's high performance computer market. This successful R&D result realizes the Group's vision to transform itself into a 'High-tech Legend and Service Legend'".

Legend Supercomputer has a total of 526 units of high-performance Intel Xeon CPU with 272GB RAM and a hard disk capacity of 6TB. It is 14 meters long and comprises 20 cabinets. It is a comprehensive high-tech product with three major technical features: (1) Extensibility: the entire system can comprise up to 256 computation nodes, whose size can be further adjusted; (2) Manageability: the whole system is equipped with a comprehensive real-time monitoring and management tool for its hardware and software, providing perfect assurance for system applications; (3) High functionality: testing results showed that the system reaches a computing speed of 1067 GFLOPS. According to the top 500 supercomputer ranking (www.top500.org), the computing speed of Legend Supercomputer could rank 24th among the top 500 high performance computers in the world. Those that ranked among the top 23 are products from the US and Japan.

A total of over 60 technical professionals had participated in the research and development of Legend Supercomputer. Legend Supercomputer can be used in areas of scientific and engineering computation (e.g. genetic research, nuclear power safety analysis, environmental simulation systems for geoscience research, etc.), information services (e.g. e-commerce, digital world, network information screening analysis, network security, etc.), commercial computation (e.g. risk analysis, databank, etc.) and integration of servers (e.g. information centers, data centers, etc.). In early September, Legend Supercomputer will be installed at the Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It will be used for the fluid dynamics computation, petroleum and earthquake information control, oil reservoir simulation, climatic model computation, material science computation, DNA and albumen computation, etc.

In the process of researching and developing Legend Supercomputer, the Group also developed a series of intellectual property patented technologies, and has successfully obtained three patents for invention and one patent for new product model. Application for another ten invention patents and four more new product patents are in process. These high-end technologies can be seamlessly applied to other related corporate products, maximizing their market value.

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