Primus Knowledge Solutions Announces Primus® Quick Resolve - A new product that accelerates the productivity of tier-one agents

—Quick Resolve results in faster, more precise resolution of first-level support issues.—

Seattle, WA — August 5, 2002 — Primus Knowledge Solutions (Nasdaq: PKSI) today announced Primus® Quick Resolve, a new product designed with an instructive user interface to help tier one agents quickly answer customer questions.

Primus Quick Resolve allows tier-one agents to describe a problem in the customer 's own words, then search the Primus eServer knowledgebase for an existing solution. If no relevant solution exists, the agent escalates the issue to the next level for resolution.

As an instructive interface, Quick Resolve falls between the two other user products available for the eServer knowledgebase: Primus® iView, for complete solution viewing and authoring, and Primus® eSupport, for view-only access via the web.

"In today's contact center environment, typical tier-one tools are not keeping pace with agent and customer needs," said Primus Vice President, Marketing and Business Development David Ridout. "Cost reductions have made it imperative that tier-one agents process inquiries quickly and more accurately. This has motivated Primus to develop a product to help less experienced agents quickly find answers to even the most complex questions."

Primus Quick Resolve allows non-technical agents to accelerate their productivity with Primus knowledge management technology, which has been a mainstay of call centers and help desks for more than 10 years. Primus knowledge software combines associative search technology, analytical tools, and natural language processing to answer questions submitted in plain language. The search process finds and delivers answers from the eServer knowledgebase or, via Primus® Answer Engine, from corporate content residing in external databases and on web servers in any of 225 document formats.

"Even though there's a fantasy that self-service reduces the quantity of the calls coming into agents," said Gartner Senior Research Analyst Esteban Kolsky, "self-service really affects the quality of the calls. Since basic information can now be provided through web delivery, agents are getting the more complex calls, which requires more advanced knowledge of the company and its products and services. Agents, therefore, need to be more of a knowledge worker."

As a product designed for tier-one agents, Quick Resolve offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces training requirements for first-level agents. Quick Resolve has an instructive user interface with real-time tutorials and animated demos that collectively guide agents through the process necessary to provide quick, accurate answers without intensive training.
  • Integrates with the leading CRM and call tracking systems. Quick Resolve works with an organization's CRM and/or call tracking systems to track and retain all the relevant incident information until problems are resolved.
  • Retains the customer's original problem description along the escalation path. Tier-one agents become part of the solution process by capturing customer comments during the initial interaction and, if needed, escalating the problem with the comments in tact to second-level agents for resolution.
  • Supports the ROI and scalability benefits of Primus knowledge software. Primus knowledge solutions have repeatedly improved the quality and cost-effectiveness of customer service within some of the most demanding contact center environments in the world.

About Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

Primus Knowledge Solutions (Nasdaq: PKSI) provides knowledge management software that enables companies and their customers to access the information they need, easily and on demand. Using Primus® software, companies can capture and share knowledge to optimize employee productivity, improve the customer service experience, and enable a rapid return on investment (ROI). Primus has more than 185 customers worldwide, including such industry leaders as 3Com, 3M, The Boeing Company, Compaq Computer Corp., Ericsson, Inc., Fujitsu Limited, Inc., Motorola and Novell. Primus has offices throughout the United States, Europe and Japan.

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