Redundant Networks' Free Online Tool Helps Companies Assess Risk of Network Security Threat

Interactive Quiz Determines Infrastructure Resiliency if Disaster Strikes

Reno, NEV. (August 29, 2002) - Redundant Networks, a secure computing utility network and next-generation network services company, today unveiled its Threat Assessment Tool, a free online questionnaire that allows companies to evaluate their networks' vulnerability in case of external attack or internal sabotage. With network security a paramount concern since the September 11 attacks, the survey -- available at -- shows network administrators how they can strengthen their infrastructure, plan for unforeseen events, and repair vulnerabilities.

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The Risk Analysis Survey is designed for companies looking to determine the resiliency and safety of their business and network infrastructure. Participants input basic information about their company and then answer a series of "yes" or "no" questions, with online guidance. The tool immediately generates a preliminary customized report and a "resiliency assessment" score based on the answers provided. If a company has a high score, or is at risk of losing business continuity, Redundant Networks will send an email briefing within three business days offering a detailed response on how the company can specifically reduce risk in any areas that rated high on the survey. Redundant Networks and Productive Solutions in Reno along with Private Investigator Ed Sorensen and criminologist, James R. Davis, in California, contributed the online assessment questions.

"We created this tool to give companies a simple way of judging their specific network weaknesses and risks," said Madison Laird, CEO of Redundant Networks. "While this Threat Assessment Tool is an interesting, easy exercise, it will also illuminate a lot of security issues for which companies may not have planned. Every day Redundant Networks helps companies expose vulnerabilities in their business continuity planning. We have also developed a robust set of tools and methods to help these companies improve their resiliency. We felt it was appropriate to share some of that learning in the form of this Threat Assessment Tool."

Survey questions relate to network security, facilities, power, partner reliance, and other areas relevant to network safety. The free tool includes such topics as reducing the complexity of hosting providers, anticipating the pitfalls of multiple telecom services, and testing a backup power plan. Redundant Networks has identified these issues as potential causes of risk, which could lead to downtime and loss of revenue.

A September 2001 Gartner Group research report estimated that two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster would go out of business within five years of the event. The report also noted that fewer than 10% of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have crisis management, contingency, business recovery and business resumption plans.

The Threat Assessment Tool further demonstrates Redundant Networks' commitment to true network resiliency. Redundant Networks is the only data hosting service specifically designed to achieve resiliency, high availability and fault tolerance -- all within a unique dual network. The company operates two mirrored data facilities, one in Reno, NV and one in Research Triangle, NC.

About Redundant Networks

Redundant Networks offers a secure mirrored network utility with managed services from data centers in two mid-tier, east-west US cities. Redundant Networks delivers customers continual uptime and reliable performance through the use of resilient, service-based, network operations delivered within a specially designed, fault-tolerant network topology. The Company also provides a full range of professional consulting services to help companies efficiently build resiliency into their networks. Redundant Networks operates in Reno, NV and Raleigh, NC. For more information, visit or call 1-866-850-4222.

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