CALL FOR PAPERS: The 2004 IFIP International Conference on Decision Support Systems (DSS2004), Florence (Prato), Tuscany, Italy, July 1-3, 2004

Theme: Decision Support in an Uncertain and Complex World; DSS 2004 is an IFIP TC8/WG8.3 event

Monash University, Australia, August 5, 2003 -- DSS 2004, the 2004 IFIP International Conference on Decision Support Systems, will be held in Prato, Tuscany, Italy, 1st-3rd July 2004. Paper submissions are due November 28, 2003.


Tuscany in the 15th century was a place of stability in the uncertain and complex medieval world. This environment led to the flowering of art and science that we call the Renaissance. Locating DSS 2004 in the heart of Tuscany and adopting a conference theme of decision support in an uncertain and complex world gives DSS researchers and practitioners the opportunity to reflect on the basic values and concepts of the discipline in the spirit of the humanist scholars of the Renaissance. These scholars created the idea of a "Renaissance Man", a highly skilled professional that used knowledge from a number of different artistic and scientific disciplines as the foundation of innovative practice. In the 21st century an effective DSS practitioner needs such an approach. DSS 2004 will explore how current research from a number of areas relevant to decision support can be combined for genuine innovation (cf.,


Decision Support Systems
Decision Modelling
Executive Information Systems
Negotiation Support Systems
Knowledge Management
Decision Making
Data Mining
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Group Support Systems
Customer Relationship Management

Building on the spirit of the conference, papers that use ideas and theories from other disciplines and address innovation in decision support practice in an uncertain and complex world will be particularly welcomed.


Authors are requested to submit full papers not exceeding 10 A4-pages in length. Details of the required format of papers is on the DSS2004 website. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Authors must attach their paper in Word format to an email to Each paper will be reviewed by at least two referees. Accepted papers will be published only if at least one of the authors is registered in due time. Accepted papers with at least one registered author will appear in the DSS 2004 Conference Proceedings. After the conference a selection of the best papers will be published in special issues of appropriate journals.


                      Paper submission due:                   November, 28th, 2003
                      Notification to authors:                January, 30th, 2004
                      Final version of accepted papers:       February, 27th, 2004
                      Conference:                             July, 1st-3rd, 2004

Language: The official language of the conference is English.


Prato, the location of DSS 2004, is in the north of Tuscany 18 kilometers from Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Declared a free commune in the early 12th century, Prato was one of the medieval Tuscan city states. It has been the major center of Italian textile manufacturing for 750 years and is Tuscany's second largest city. The conference will be held at the Monash University Centre in the Palazzo Vaj, an 18th century family palace that is located in the old walled city. Within the city walls you will find medieval and renaissance buildings, great restaurants and cafes, and a lively theatre scene. Tuscany is rightly one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. As well as the museums and galleries of Florence, the major cities of Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia, Siena, and Arezzo each have major attractions. Tuscany is also famous for its hill towns like San Gimignano, Volterra and Cortona. And of course south of Florence is the Chianti with its fine food and wines. All of these attractions are within easy reach of Prato. Getting to DSS 2004 is easy! Florence airport is located between Prato and Florence, and is around 10 kilometers from the Monash Prato Centre. There are direct flights to Florence from most major European cities, especially the intercontinental hubs. The DSS 2004 website has more details on Prato, getting there, and where to stay during the conference.


There will be a doctoral consortium on 30th June 2004. See the DSS 2004 website ( for more details.

Organizing Chair:               David Arnott (Monash University, Australia)
Program Chair:          	Graeme Shanks (Monash University, Australia)
Main Editor:                    George Widmeyer (University of Michigan, USA) 
Doctoral Consortium Chair:      Sven Carlsson (Jönköping International Business School, Sweden)

Frédéric Adam (University College Cork, Ireland)
Frada Burstein (Monash University, Australia) (Chair)           
Patrick Humphreys (London School of Economics, UK)
Oleg Larichev (Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Andrew McCosh (University of Edinburgh, UK) 
Zita Paprika (Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Hungary)
Jean-Charles Pomerol (University Paris 6, France)               

David Arnott (Chair)
Ilona Jagielska (Deputy Chair)
Julie Austin (Finance & Administration)
Gemma Dodson (Marketing)
Peter O'Donnell (Web & Technology)
Marcus Gibson (Web & Technology)
Rob Meredith (Publications)
Danijela Briggs (Doctoral Consortium)
Cecilia Hewlitt (Catering & Events)      
F. Adam (U. College Cork, Ireland)
J. Betts (Monash U., Australia)
H. Bhargava (Pennsylvania State U., U. Park, USA)
P. Brezillon (U. Paris 6, France)
T. Bui (Hawaii University, USA)
F. Burstein (Monash U., Australia)
J. Davis (Sydney U., Australia)
M. Davern (Melbourne U., Australia)
A. Flitman (Monash U., Australia)
C. Francalanci (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
M. Handzik (U. NSW, Australia)
H. Hasan (Wollongong U., Australia)
M. Gendron (Central Connecticut State U., USA)
P. Humphries (London School of Economics, UK)
I. Jagielska (Monash U., Australia)
P. Keenan (U. College Dublin, Ireland)
R. Krishnan (CMU, USA)
O. Larichev (Academy of Sciences, Russia)
M. Lawrence (U. NSW, Australia)
H. Linger (Monash U., Australia)
P. Migliarese (Politechnico di Milano, Italy)
M. Mora (U. Auto. de Aguascalientes, Mexico)
K. Neville (U. College Cork, Ireland)
M. Norese (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
P. O'Donnell (Monash U., Australia)
D. O'Leary (U. Southern California, USA)
Z. Paprika (Budapest U. of Econ. Sc., Hungary)
D. Paradice (Florida State U., USA)
G. Pervan (Curtin U., Australia)
J-C. Pomerol (U. Paris 6, France)
D. Power (Northern IA U., USA)
D. Sammon (U. College Cork, Ireland)
R. Sprague (Hawaii University, USA)
K. Smith (Monash U., Australia)
C. Standing (Edith Cowen U., Australia)
P. Walden (Abo Akademi U., Finland)


Subject: DSS2004 Conference - Call For Papers
From: Graeme Shanks --
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 12:18:03 +1000