Cummins Inc. Engineering Group Implements SkillView For Their Human Capital Management Initiative

PLAISTOW, N.H., Aug. 26, 2003 -- Cummins Inc., the leading manufacturer of diesel engines, knows a lot about keeping things moving. And soon, thanks to Skills Management, it will know a lot about its workforce, as well.

Cummins and its subsidiaries are rolling out a project to compile and evaluate the skills in its engineering discipline. It will involve the engineering Functional Excellence staff at all the engineering centers. Though some skill data has been cataloged on spreadsheets in the past, nothing existed to allow engineering leaders to compare, summarize and/or search across different areas.

A small research and implementation team, from Cummins HQ in Columbus, IN, Fleetguard Filtration in Cookville TN, and Fleetguard Nelson in Stoughton, WI evaluated COTS software vs an inhouse solution. They chose to license SkillView Enterprise, the skills management product from Plaistow, N.H.-based SkillView Technologies, Inc. SkillView Enterprise is a repository of employee skill and proficiency data, which will allow the cataloging of Cummins strategic engineering skills, the modeling of desired proficiency levels in those skills, and the analyzing of employees' actual proficiencies in those skills.

Cummins' ongoing commitment to best business practices in a challenging economy led it to arrange a quick implementation. Working together, SkillView Technologies and the Cummins team loaded the existing skills data onto an ASP site hosted by SkillView. Work began immediately to customize the data, and soon the Cummins SkillView solution will be brought inhouse, to run on the Cummins intranet. It will then be rolled out to 2000 engineering employees in several Cummins locations, including overseas.

Using SkillView's summarized reports of skill gaps, Cummins engineering managers will be better able to allocate training dollars. They will also have a valuable planning tool for succession planning, recruiting/hiring, team- building and various project work. The result? ... ... .an engineering workforce whose skills are aligned with business objectives.

"The bottom line," proclaims SkillView Technologies Inc. Founder Hank Riehl, "is that Cummins was up and running very quickly with SkillView's ASP solution while longer-range preparations are made to move the application inhouse. Cummins can begin its aggressive roll-out right now, and move SkillView inhouse when they're ready. Very soon, Cummins will have compiled the data to help them insure they have the right people ... with the right talents ... in the right positions ... doing the right work. "

     Marny Peabody
     SkillView Technologies Inc.


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