Decision Support Systems Related News - September 2001

09/24/2001 Owens and Minor top company in InformationWeek's ranking of most influential and innovative users of information technology. Check release.

09/24/2001 Telenisus identifies 12 actions U.S. businesses should take to tighten security. See release.

09/20/2001 ROI for handheld computers, Planet PDA summit December 4-6, 2001. See release.

09/19/2001 Free online decision tool from SAP; mySAP supply chain management value calculator. See release.

09/18/2001 Microsoft SQL Server rated highly in survey of 644 OLAP users from 46 countries. See release.

09/16/2001 Invention Machine Corp. introduced Knowledgist 2.5 to create a personal knowledge base. See release.

09/12/2001 Landmark Graphics announced StrataMap Framework Builder, a 3-D geological framework building and editing application. Check release.

09/11/2001 Oracle acquired 3Cube, a maker of collaborative software for online meetings.

09/06/2001 Artemis experts identify project management obstacles and solutions. Check release.

09/05/2001 CrossWorlds® Software announced that Union Financière de France selected its Business Integration Management System. Check release.

09/04/2001 Roadmap Technologies released HeatWave, an expert system that helps executives analyze effects of weather on sales. Check release.

09/04/2001 LOG-NET provides Supply Chain Execution Solutions for Dollar Tree Stores. Check release.

09/04/2001 Imation signed agreement with Optiant to implement Supply Chain Decision Support. Check release.

09/03/2001 Hewlett-Packard and Compaq agree to merge; create an $87 billion global technology company. Check release.